on art II

it is easy to get swept away by the pure expression of the thing .. an innocent emergent that need for not 

most often what first comes out is beautiful in that, it’s naissance and novelty, but it is a rare exception that what is young need not grow ..  

there are many mouths to feed and many things that feed it .. experience, practice, critique, emotion

an empty canvas is never an unwelcome thing, a fresh start or take, or the evolution of a once adaptation  

to then be shared and shown, though as one thread to another, we may feel deep in its vulnerabilities at times drowning, while most of these intimacies are the very things we can best relate to in others, 

& so to hide behind, in fear of touching another from that place or acknowledging that it may even exist to begin with, is not always the art itself but rather merely its adolescence discovering what to share and what to keep, feeling edges and drawing borders 

and to make what is, to conceal it as another for the sake of some misuse of ego, on either side, is perhaps not what it is here to do, the gift of art in such a way to express and call to what we all share ~ human, is perhaps to beckon that .. as one might call upon restful eyes and sleep in exhaustion at night 

.. not all is meant for the world, and in keeping pieces, we in turn, end up having more to give  

Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher