mental fortitude

an inclination toward thought

question of a purposeful position

the mental fortitude of the world

an insanity of big things that break down into a small action


and lapses .. lots of spaced time, between and in


\ could be found in the realms there

not in hands & or eyes flickered in blinking light,

in mind’s thought freedom, the freedom of thought, and its freedom from thought



the ages of learning and growing

the ages of questions .. still the answers end in unsatisfying ways

why is this .. the parent will answer, the child will ask again,  why is this .. the parent will answer .. until both do not know the answer any further, and it’s there that we reach for the thread tangible and yet slipping



hands and feet

long toes

mental fortitude

the ways of the radiance,

in getting there


flickered feelings


a small moment of breathing in it 

the collapsed image replayed



being young & figuring out .. the orientation isn’t as solid as “word”, it’s not always “image” sometimes “sound” and most of the time “passage”


the passage is still and yet it moves


the mind




passage is moving through its still filter patterned light

Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher