graduated in love

Forward & Fixing


the last time I loved like this ..

what did a ring mean, how many are we given (fall away, fall off, reburned) : the CircLe


the love of water’s wind, pushing and following for .. the fringed finger or the


Nest ;   I am only an egg.



What will it all mean?

did it become of meaning or was it of the word ..


still not known and knowing : The I am. (Human) & 


human has its heart. 

 in committed to the hands that one day may let go

i am alive and the table, the legs and the chairs around it, the top and what it holds, the hand of wood and the fist shapen mold ..


the tide would not wash me onto shore or drown me under in oxygen and its bond, if only .. i as the tide pulling, could be pulled or pushed or the "stand still" but still "of standing" .. a breathing pattern & the casted light, shall never dim a dawn plaguing as if the dawn itself had not been directly invited. 

(turn in; keep, turning toward)

Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher