the urgency of impatience

when created storm, the rain of, or the fire over,


we give them human names,

the storm, the dog, the car


a man walked away from me,

he was balding near the top of his head,

there were swarms of flies immediately in front of him,

and he took his cap and swatted at them, walking


i hated him in relationship, 

so each time he'd give me more,

i'd get rid of it,

i did the same thing with money,

i wanted and didn't want to have


there are only a few people who still send me music that i'll listen to,

when my car is parked by the recycling center,

that in the urgency of impatience life does not fly by,

it stops because it doesn't, 

and a decade would wane into a year,

as if we ask for a lifetime in now & yet all the while

repeat over and over the same thing


shouted to mountain top, or sky, or city down below

or self

would give up, throw waste to it

& still will never not know again,

there in the rumble, in the rains, in the fires,

in the eruption,

we don't delete it all,

we actually begin to see the send,

& enter

Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher