lifetimes of love

lifetimes of love/loved/loving .. 

the old of a forward family alongside the "greats" where beneath them knocked over, the thing on once stood

    Those that died in it and those who still may be awaken yet.

each hand given away, given away back to, given toward, back to

the hand of Able sits at the table not on it, not in arms or bargained bait .. given my hand, me  

     from those the choice divergent path, they : the friends of familiar and far, the stayed family grown outward and in distance, the selves of lifetimes.   


lifetimes of love. 

a pause of meeting

found while on in passing  

interest engaged intellect


a one night extended  

the meaning forever for  


The waves changed still crashing. Spit out onto shore. It's not alone (a lonely), surrounded. No longer a needed pleading to,  

enjoyed company in ever more  

the stillness of sound. 

Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher