.. again,

how did you come ?

 written down and seated,

did you know what time ..

 .. i told you time never tells.


through stained glass,

 the distant of sounds in the valley

time tells its waves

time told indifferent the passing of three years

.. that lapsed in three days,

days of years of seconds.

 walked way fair and sold again,

  * it was witnessed that, (she did)

 that in strides she spoke it more,

the held over, in that space, the asked

 only the answered,

not the answered of moving for,


there is something in that says everything,

 and something silent ..

now the line of not only received and what will,

now the line of "where does the foot move"


i speak to.

 to .. "where does the foot move"

not from twisted,  * untwisting

 the more handed mirror, it looks back at

.. again, and

it looks back at.

.. again, 

it looks back at.

.. again,


it looks.


have you just a minute?

 * this may take longer, time doesn't speak to me like this.

Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher