followed feeling


    stopped at the start of   we did not leave until ,

i spend time with sisters who resemble another and tell different jokes



 shared between the spice of a spray 

that hugged onto me while i held you


 how is that we walked her?

only after we found asparagus, a fruit that would bite you, a bug that did,

blackened waters only through clouds that struck down ... and the smell of a beach that takes you there,

   i keep seeing her,

  every where i go , like she is the painting with eyes that follow me as i walk

what is it i see looking back?   we meet each other in ways

  we are in the ways


  ways of a followed feeling , it led us to the edge

she sits there and does not talk 

 because she has so much to share, 

       " where did you find her?"

  we walked to her , and we walked her and we watched her ,

 and still only the night will tell us more. 


Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher