off width

you are nothing so beautiful as the moment you wake up,

the sun baked yesterday, a shit under the log,

hands washed and soap of sunken into the earth,

there are rocks that make you,

rocks that break you,

you hang there, and yet seeing the top

the body screams for it, to touch it,


you are nothing but waking and it

you have only one thing to do today,

and then sleep into the patterned of the arrest,

there, you are.

here, not quiet, even though nothing speaks.


you are nothing so beautiful as the face who awakes away from.

out here, you are.

here, you are.

with nothing.

(it all)


only the body to try and test,

it reveals.

here, we reside   of.

it does more than you ever let it.


you are nothing so beautiful

when i do not look and i see it. 


notes from vedauwoo, wyoming & its off width climbing/climbers

Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher