new year's surrender

how is it that treasure uncovered from meets far away when returning home,

we find that we are meeting it, we are meeting it and just in that time of thinking so, we find we have not, she told me once she cried because she knew in her tears she was human and that she would tear open again to find that she had loved and was loving still,

when you have shown me your heart in the elapse of an evening, spent snowing under a crescent moon growing where the trees clouded the views but deer would greet us softly to speak of the wordless surrender of what was coming that night, we were falling in love, and i was to leave the next day

i found that where i was was where i am, that i learned to use the tools i had been given, that they were now tailored to tuned, and i could use them to make this place beautiful, and that beauty had many sides, and sometimes i could create one, but i could not seem to choose which to leave out

it felt in that time of walking my dream, i would be saying goodbye to them all, and while friends did find love in foreign lands, i still questioned, i am still questioning, what will i fight for?

i was given a gift upon leaving, that i could know, that i could feel it and hold it, that it would hold me, that it was out there and sometimes here, and i did not know how it worked anymore but that in feeling the loss i trusted in what was coming, while questioning as we often do the strikes and counterstrikes that lead us here, thinking the moments we turned down, the doors we stepped into, and wishing that perhaps some had been shut sooner while knowing nothing would ever be so if so

when you are ready, does it come? 

my how the space becomes you, will you at once lay with me silently as i fall asleep before leaving? i have waited a long time for you, could you have been pieces of all the past, a phenomenon waiting on the corners of intersections, only i could not yet see ~ does the dream lead me away from you and if it does, is it the dream?

well now, i am stirring, i poured something in, i was not sure what it was, just that when i held the jar it felt nice and so i thought it should taste nice but what it will make i am not sure, so you can show me soon, and we shall have it together when the timer has run out,

now my timer has run out, i've run this place into the ground, i can only ask ~ what shall we build now?

Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher