sex sent us to the ninth dimension

love(d)/ing self more

than/greater than Other

in she is feeling

she will sin or to remain



it was the age of the sexual inhibition, churches were blooming again, doors were open always almost, it was the holiest happy hour, turned to night those there did gather with crosses bearen, worn in the familiar fashion around the neck, to rest upon the heart as if still saying there is a cross to bear, the cross of i solemnly swear that i will keep secrets and keep them to remain until we are dying, we send secret symbols spray painted in alley ways painted over in the morning, until we become more clever, used cross here now to associate or rather define the forbidden union of human and human, in those days since it was sex slain, the blacks joined with the purples and man with those then changed, parts and pieces found their places to fit inside of or rather it was the "forbidden enter," and colors did not emerge for when sewn together they would all combine into black, so that which is Nothing, apart from the whites and reds that did make a sweetly soft Pink, so that in the church we were condemned to sex with Anyone, we found that the meaning of sex was not intimacy but rather Death of Death it, in self, so that it was the story of the sex sublimation that set free the human race from which they could surpass fifth dimensionality and jumped into the ninth where it is without bodies but is reported to feel like a continuing lingering orgasm, or rather/more accurately translated to :

 a constant close to cum.

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