three wise men

part I

heavi is dark

when only what below does fall

upward and ground does not ` see

i float


is the word of center

he told me to go liminal to my end ~

ends are a thing of parts

to between whole,

lun-attic [in the attic of the moon]

part II

will tell how to release karma --


am I willing to let go of an attacked dark

he will lay and ask, in wait

>> <<

the answer is behind the door, must open and if not be key

part III

the story of grandfathers ~

one of grandfathers,

there is an arborist he knows the names of birds he did once chop down wood from a desk, 

there is an artist of pastel and photo when photo shops were those of scissors and gold glued,

and there is a musician who lived in the way we imagine and perhaps still sings to ghosts no longer here but we are here still unseen

she will remind me again, "it is in knowing yourself that you will know them"


Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher