untamed wild child of the water

after *years in the making,

we have more and more of those - dancing in ecstatic spins that perhaps we as singing in surprise of the sounds we are making, and to we who make sound in the shadow of Moon, where the creeping over of a coldness bites us awake that we howl as wildlings, we are smiling freeing into the domain of where we wonder if maybe we are the beholder, the beheld becoming in beauty of a magic we would fall upon and falling into love, she still dances so that she falls over dizzy

one thing will read that we are apart, and in another it will read that we are so together we could never be but, where i think of another you, in times of breathing late into the nights that turn morning where animals gathered us awake in streams weaving between mountains, and into mountains higher we climbing as we saw before the land that was once carrying those who rode bare back and sang to the spirit in the skies that we don't see anymore, she is still riding her stallion untamed wild child of the water

do not forget this the next time, or in the elapses of an ellipse back and forward and between where you fall to your knees again, you hear your mother ask for help and you can only deny those you love because still you have yet to answer yourself knocking, but still in stillness wait that those times grow shorter yet so hold them as human, do not stop as human whilst in your expanded that you are remembering the more and the more of that who, being and have been to find, she swims in the currents that surrender her to it

~ she asks the woman of the water, how could another behold me as i do, in my voice, in my songs, or the writings on images that you have seen, i find myself, but perhaps find that only in bearing of the key can unlocking rest to find unlocked, that the this of me flying  


Copyright 2019 ⓒ / Forrest Gallagher